Mini Enrichment Courses


Announcements -- Please Check Regularly

This program has been cancelled this year due to life safety issues. All fees will be reimbursed when the school system re-opens. All student Mini Course fees are being held at the neighbourhood school and refunds will be handled by the neighbourhhod school's administration.

PLease return your application and payment to your school.

This program is only offered to Grade 7 -9 students in specifically identified schools.

This site will be updated as the courses start in order to remind people of the date individual courses begin. Once Courses commence please use this site to see if any courses have been cancelled or changed due to emergency or weather.

Please see related page links for further detailed information.

Important Information

Once students have submitted an application they will receive a Letter of Acceptance or a Letter of Not Placed.

If you do not receive notification by April 1, 2020 please contact your school to enquire as to the status of your child.

The Course Waiver must be signed and brought with your child on the first day of the course along with their Acceptance Letter.

The school will distribute Letter of Acceptance. and the MUN Waiver form.